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Increase new client referrals by joining our esteemed attorney network. Join to broaden your reach, receive legal requests from members, and offer expertise to a diverse range of clients — all while enjoying the ease of our user-friendly platform.

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The Process

1. Join Attorney Live

Each individual attorney interested in joining will complete the sign-up process to join the Attorney Live Network.

2. Customize Your Preferences

Attorneys will select which legal matters they would like to receive and what localities they would like requests to come from.

3. Begin Your Free Trial

Each in-network attorney receives three free client referrals. Once you accept three, you'll be asked to pay a small annual network fee to continue accepting future clients. On average, attorneys receive four new client referrals per month.

4. Review Client Requests

When a member has a legal need, they will request a consultation from our app. You will receive a notification and you can accept or deny their request based on your availability.

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Why Join the Exclusive attorney network?

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Access to Vast Clientele

Our platform boasts a rapidly growing user base seeking legal advice and representation. By joining our network, you'll have the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of potential clients actively seeking your legal expertise.

Affordable Advertising and Referrals

Say goodbye to expensive marketing campaigns and effortlessly reach a broader audience. We advertise to attract new clients through our robust platform, enabling you to access a steady flow of new client referrals from our member base.

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Exclusive Attorney Perks

As an attorney on the Attorney Live® network, you gain access to exclusive discounts and special offers from a variety of services that attorneys use on a daily basis. Save money on legal research tools, software subscriptions, and much more. Maximize your efficiency and profitability with cost-effective solutions.

Seamless Integration and Security

Our platform is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Effortlessly navigate through our intuitive interface, update your profile, and manage your new clients all within the platform. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time doing what you do best – practicing law. Rest assured, client's sensitive information is protected through state-of-the-art security measures.

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Sign up today and experience the game-changing benefits that await you. Expand your reach, attract new clients, and elevate your practice to new heights!

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What Other Attorneys Are Saying


I'm using the Attorney Live platform, and as a marketing tool, I am impressed with it!

Paul V.


The Attorney Live Platform is a great resource to generate new clients.

Wayne L.

Greatly Beneficial

Being on the Attorney Live network has been very beneficial to grow my practice in specific areas of law.

Ryan G.

You May Have Some Questions, We Have The Answers!

Joining the Attorney Live network is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. Attorneys click on “Join the network,” provide essential contact information, and answer questions about what type of legal matter requests they would like to receive and which localities they practice in. Answer a few more questions, and that’s it!

The Attorney Live network offers attorneys a steady stream of introductions to potential clients, far more than advertising, search, or referrals alone. Attorneys decide which legal matters they accept or deny based on their availability.

During the registration process, attorneys can indicate which legal matters they would like to receive requests for. Attorneys can also indicate specific zip codes, cities, or states where they would like to offer legal services.

Attorneys can receive requests via email, text, or both. Notification settings can be changed at any time under account in the attorney profile inside the portal.

Attorney Live currently operates on a 'first-come, first-serve' model, meaning that the referral is sent in real-time to all attorneys who have specifically chosen to receive those types of requests.

When Attorney Live sends legal consultation requests to network attorneys, we provide the client details when the member would like to connect. It will be a same-day call back or for a specific day and time. The attorney controls whether they would like to accept or deny the request based on their availability.

Attorney Live uses cutting-edge technology and follows federal and individual state requirements to protect member and attorney data.

Initially it’s free to join. You receive three free client referrals. After you accept three referrals, you will be asked to pay a $399.00 annual fee to keep receiving new client referrals and continue to enjoy all of our attorney perks and benefits.

Attorneys receive three new client referrals during their free trial period.

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